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Sponsoring an FFI horse (please see the FAQ section under General Questions for more information)

There are many ways to help!  You can donate, volunteer, foster, adopt, suggest, network, and pull a little legwork!  If you know of anyone who is looking for a horse, tell them about us! 

If you need a horse, you've come to the right place.  Please check out our links if one of them suits you.  Remember, you don't have to have experience with horses to help.  We are always looking for someone to write grants, find low-cost vets and feed, as well as promotional products.  Please see our list below!

If you would like to post our brochures and information fliers at your business, or you can help with delivering these fliers, let us know!

We are always in search of student organizations and assistance in all of our areas.  There is also a chance to earn possible school credit, resume building experiences, or sorority and fraternity charity hours

There are many ways you can donate!  You can donate money, time, experience, and horse items!  If you know of anyone can help, please pass along the information!  Again, Friends of Ferdinand is looking to educate others about what happens to horses, and if you can help us find resources, it would greatly help our cause!

If you would like to donate money, please download our Donation Form to fill out and mail to Friends of Ferdinand. 

You can sponsor any amount, but the prices of our fees are as follows:

     $10.00 covers de-wormer for an FFI horse

     $25.00 covers the farrier visit for an FFI horse

      $45.00 covers the vet visit for an FFI horse

     $75.00 covers the feed for an FFI horse

There are other things that Friends of Ferdinand accepts to help with its administrative costs!  Stamps, printing paper, brochure printing, flier printing, printer ink (both used and new), computers, cleaning caddies (kind of like your shower caddies!) clean rags and towels, gauze, duck tape, and, the favorites of all horses!!!  Carrots, Apples, and Peppermint!

Volunteers are an essential necessity to Friends of Ferdinand.  They have many different lifestyles and careers, yet they contribute any way they can, in any form they can.  The thing they all share in common is a desire to care and love horses.  Duties range from office work to working with the horses.

There is always room for anyone interested in volunteering, for as little or as much as you can give.  It may be a one time venture, or a few hours a week.  We are always in search of grant writers, fundraisers, advertising, and training.  If you are interested, please download our volunteer form!  Please send the form by email or mail to our address!

 Things that we always need are people to man information booths at local fairs, speaking volunteers, people to help move horses with trailers, those who can check on potential fosters and adopters, foster homes, and to do follow up barn checks, as well as organizing mail packs, etc.  Also, we welcome volunteering from vets and tack and feed shops.  If you have an idea for volunteering, please share it!

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