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    Every FFI horse was rescued from slaughter.  FFI adoption procedures and policies ensure, to the best of our ability, that an FFI horse is never in-danger of slaughter again.  We strive to place every horse in a loving, caring and knowledgeable forever home.

Sometimes, there are just more horses than barn space.  This is why we need foster parents.  At this point in time, FFI does not own a barn.  (Trust me, if you can donate one, we'll accept it!)  This is why we rely on foster homes for our horses.  We rely on many different farms and stables to board our horses.  Foster homes allow us to save more horses.  This is where YOU come in!

The fostering process starts with our foster application foster application!  All foster parents are required to fill out this application and submit it for review.  Once an FFI volunteer reviews the application, they will contact you for an initial interview.  Foster homes that can cover the expenses of a horse without hindrance and that have experience with horses are given priority.  This, however, is not a requirement.  Expenses may be tax-deductible.  Contact your tax advisor.

FFI does have certain guidelines and rules for fostering: 

These policies are intended to ensure that the needs, health and safety of FFI horses in the care of Foster homes are adequate for each individual horse.  These policies are subject to change as each individual situation dictates.

         1.      All foster facilities must be inspected and approved prior to an FFI horse coming on-site. 

2.      Any FFI horse cannot be relocated from itís foster facility without prior knowledge and consent from the Foster Coordinator.

3.      No FFI horse can be sedated without consent of the Foster Coordinator, unless administered by a licensed veterinarian.

4.      Consent from the Foster Coordinator must be obtained before any FFI horse can begin an exercise program or be ridden.

5.      All riders and handlers of FFI owned horses must have a signed release form on file with the Foster Coordinator.

6.      All riders, regardless of age, will wear ASTM certified helmets while riding an FFI horse.

7.      Farrier is recommended every 6 to 8 weeks, or as needed.

8.      FFI horses will be de-wormed on a schedule set by the Foster Coordinator or Veterinarian.

9.      Required Vaccines:

a.       V-E and WEE

b.      Flu

c.       Tetanus

d.      Rabies

e.       West Nile

f.        Strangles (as needed based on horseís age and facility)

g.       Coggins every 12 months

h.       Rhino

10.  Every FFI horse will have itís teeth floated once per year, or as recommended by a veterinarian.

11.  Any routine vet care (vaccinations, teeth floating, etc) must be pre-approved by the Foster Coordinator.

12.  Foster home is required to call a vet out to the facility in the case of emergency.  The Foster Coordinator will be notified as soon as possible, within 24 hours.

13.  If a feeding program is recommended by the Foster Coordinator or Veterinarian, the Foster must follow these recommendations.  The feeding program cannot be altered or supplemented without first consulting with the Foster Coordinator and/or Veterinarian. Any changes to the horse's diet must be pre-approved, excluding 1- 2 lb. feed changes to keep weight consistent. This includes supplements.  Any supplement expense must be pre-approved.

14.  All visits from the veterinarian must be pre-approved. This includes routine work, such as vaccinations. Any costs associated with an FFI horse pertaining to routine care must be pre-approved. 


  • FFI will only reimburse up to $4.00 per bale for hay unless it has been pre-approved by a board member.
  • FFI will only reimburse up to $30.00 per month on bedding expenses unless pre-approved by a board member.
  • FFI will only reimburse up to $30.00 in a 6-week period for farrier expenses unless pre-approved by an FFI board member.
  • FFI will only reimburse up to $75.00 in a 30 day period for feed, or $13.00 per 50# bag unless pre-approved by an FFI board member.
  • Foster homes must submit an original or copy of the receipts for which you are to be reimbursed. Because we make purchases and accept horses into the program based on our expected monthly expenses you must submit receipts on a monthly basis. FFI will not reimburse expenses older than 30 days. Please attempt to have your expense reports mailed to the PO Box by the 15th of each month
  • Emergency veterinary care does not need to be pre-approved.  Please make every attempt to get in touch with an FFI board member before making that decision.

 Please download a specific list here.

To become an adopter, you must foster a horse for up to a year.  This protects both the adopter and FFI.  It also gives the adopter a good idea of what the horse is like.  During this time, FFI maintains the ownership of the horse.  Adopters must allow FFI to inspect their facility for safety prior to adoption, and to access the facility to check the horse thereafter, at FFI's discretion.   If you have not fostered the horse, you may be referred to our foster application.

Please follow the following steps:


Download the adoption application and return to FFI by either regular mail or email to  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please download and read the FFI adoption policies. 


Once we have reviewed your application and checked your references, we will contact you to talk to you further about the adoption process, your skill level, needs and expectations.  At this time we will schedule a facility check.  If you have already browsed the FFI horses available for adoption and have one in-mind, we will also schedule a time for you to come and meet your prospective horse.  To ensure a good match, we may ask that you come several times to spend time with your potential horse.


The adoption contract contains a 1 year lease agreement.  During this time, the adopter is responsible for the care and maintenance of the horse.  This includes appropriate vaccinations, teeth floating and farrier care, and documentation of care must be provided to FFI.  We will also schedule 3, 6 and 12 month on-site facility check-ups.  If at the end of the 1 year lease period, everyone is satisfied, FFI will sign over rights of ownership of the horse to the adopter. 


Potential adopters need to fill out an adoption application.  While we do our very best to keep the site current, the horse that has been featured may not be available at the time of your application. 


Adoption is intended for LIFE.  FFI reserves the right to deny adoption for any reason in its sole discretion, and is not obligated to state any reason for such denial.  In addition, the Equine cannot be resold, given away, raced, or used for breeding.  They may not be relocated from the original, approved facility without permission.


In addition, FFI will ask for references.  Upon satisfactory conditions, FFI will schedule a working session with the potential equine to determine if there is a match.  FFI may require more than one session. 



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